Follow the steps below to register for your Covid-19 Vaccine

1. Register online

Click on the button below to register online for your COVID-19 vaccine. The booking form is now opened so you can start answering the questions. Please take your time filling in the form and give the most accurate and up to date information. At the end of the booking form, you will get confirmation that you have registered successfully. Later the same day you will receive an email confirming that your registration was successful and that you will be contacted to get your COVID-19 vaccine as soon as you are entitled to get it following HSE COVID-19 vaccination priority groups. IMPORTANT: keep an eye on your emails as we will be communicating with you via the email address you have provided. 

2. Show up to our vaccination clinic 

Please arrive to Southside Pharmacy (click here to see location on the map) 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. Please make sure you:

  •  Have your passport/ID card or driving license 
  •  Wear a face covering
3. Read and sign the consent form 

Once you have arrived you will be asked to provide your photo ID. Then, you will be given a consent form which includes a checklist for allergic reaction possibility. Once you have signed the consent form and you are happy to get your vaccine you will be asked to confirm registration details and led to the vaccination room to get your COVID-19 vaccine. 

4. Get your vaccine 

Ideally, clothing that does not cover your upper arm or it is easily pulled up should be worn on the day of your vaccination. The vaccine will be administered into your deltoid muscle which is the area of your external upper arm. A vaccination record card and a post vaccination waiting card will be given to you then.  

5. Relax and wait 15-30 minutes in our waiting area

Depending on your answers about history of allergies on your consent form, vaccinator will give you a waiting card which will indicate the time when it is safe for you to leave. Post vaccination waiting time is normally 15 minutes, however, in some cases can be up to 30 minutes. You are almost there, sit back and relax until it is safe for you to leave.