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Lyclear Dermal Cream for Scabies & Crab Lice 30g


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Lyclear Dermal cream is a white cream and it contains the active ingredient Permethrin (5%w/w). It is used to treat scabies and crab lice (crabs). Permethrin belongs to a group of medicine called pyrethroids which are anti-parasitic agents.

Usually a single application clears the infestation. If you are in doubt about the success of the treatment speak to your doctor.

Treatment of Scabies; Adults and children over 2 years old should apply the cream to the skin over the whole body including the palms and soles, but not the head and face. Pay particular attention to the areas between the fingers and toes (including under the finger and toe nails), wrists, armpits, external genitals and buttocks.
The elderly (over 65 years) should apply as directed for adults and children over 2 years but should also include theneck, face, ears and scalps. Take care when applying close to the eyes.
The cream should be left on for at least 8 hours, then washed off with soap and water not more than 12 hours later.

Treatment of Crab (Pubic) Lice:
Not reccommended for persons under 18 years; the lederly should be treated under medical supervision. Adults 18 years and over: sufficient cream should be applied to cover the pubic region, peri-anal, inner thighs down to the knees and any hair that grows from the pubic area to the chest/stomach.
One 30g tube should be sufficient to treat one hairy adult. Use up to a third of the tube to treat the pubic region, peri-anal region, thighs, stomach and chest. Not more than two thirds of the tube should be used for complete treatment. Leave the cream on the skin for 24 hours. The treatment areas should then be thoroughly washed.
Any facial hair (beards, moustaches) and eyelashes should be checked for the presence of live lice and eggs.

Lyclear Dermal Cream can have side effects, although these are usually mild.
-Occasionally burning or stinging of the skin occurs, but it is usually slight and passes quickly
-Treatment of scabies may result in continued or increased irritation for a short while. This may show as redness of the skin, a rash or itching.
-You may find that the itching you have experienced continues for up to 4 weeks after treatment with Lyclear Dermal Cream. This is normal and is caused by an allergic reation to dead scabies mites. It is not a sign that the treatmant has failed.

Lyclear Dermal Cream contains the active ingredient Permethrin 5%w/w. It also contains coconut oil, glyceryl monostearate, macrogol cetyl ether, cetomacrogol 1000, isopropyl myristate, lanolin alcohols/liquid paraffin mixture, butylated hydroxytoluene (E321) glycerol, formaldehyde solution, carbomer, sodium hydroxide and purified water.


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